EP 1: BRoke but not Broken, The Journey of Shweta Thakur: From Corporate Life to Conscious Entrepreneurship


In a world where entrepreneurship is often associated with high-flying suits and posh lifestyles, the journey of Shweta Thakur, the founder of Wildermart, stands as a testament to the reality that lies beyond the glitz and glamour. Set in the vibrant startup capital of Bangalore, where 90% of startups face the harsh reality of failure, Shweta’s journey is one of resilience, determination, and a deep-rooted belief in the universe. In this engaging conversation, we’ll delve into her story, her insights, and the profound spiritual transformation that shaped her path.

Q: Shweta, your boundless energy is truly captivating. Can you share how you maintain such positivity and vibrancy in your life?

Shweta: Well, it’s a choice. Life, to me, is like Takeshi’s Castle. You never know when the ground might shift beneath your feet or when a giant hammer might swing your way. Life keeps throwing surprises at you. You can choose to keep the sound on, enjoy the ride, and laugh through it all, or you can choose to dwell on the challenges. I choose the former because, in the end, the journey is what matters.

Q: Your ability to make quick decisions is remarkable. What empowers you to make instant choices?

Shweta: It’s not about power; it’s about belief. I firmly believe that everything is scripted in the universe. We’re given the illusion of choice, but the bigger decisions are already set. So, I don’t dwell on overthinking. I make my choices swiftly, knowing that they’ll unfold as they’re meant to. Even if things don’t go as planned, it’s all part of the journey.

Q: Your journey began with Graffiti. How did you venture into it, and what did you learn from that experience?

Shweta: Graffiti was a spontaneous decision, like most things in my life. A friend suggested starting a digital agency, and I thought, ‘Why not?’ I was getting bored with my banking job, and it seemed like a low-risk endeavor. Little did I know, it would change my life. I spent ten formative years learning, unlearning, and growing. It took me back to the drawing board and transformed my perspective. I learned skills I never thought I would, and it was an enriching experience that shaped the person I am today.

Q: What led you to transition from Graffiti to Wildermart?

Shweta: The transition wasn’t planned; it was more of a ‘bhaag ke’ decision. In 2013, I went vegan overnight to reduce my carbon footprint. As I explored the world of food, I realized that many aspects of the food system were broken. In 2017, I started the first vegan and conscious market in Bangalore, but eventually, I felt the need to do something more. Then, COVID provided a natural break, and I took the chance to pivot to Wildermart—a health tech-powered healthy food store. It’s my purpose to change the food system, and I couldn’t ignore that calling.

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Q: You faced challenges in the competitive market, even benchmarking against giants like Big Basket. Could you share more about that experience and your pivot?

Shweta: To be clear, I wasn’t competing with Big Basket; I was aspiring to be like them. I realized my mistake was trying to be Big Basket before I was. After raising funds and facing challenges, I hit a financial roadblock. I had to return to my investors, fearing their reaction. To my surprise, they were understanding, and that’s when I decided to pivot. Over six months, we reconstructed Wildermart, focusing on solving real issues in the food system. It’s now an AI-powered healthy food store, merging health tech with e-commerce. I’m confident it’s the right path.

Q: You’ve mentioned that your entrepreneurial journey is also a spiritual one. Could you elaborate on that connection?

Shweta: Going vegan ten years ago led me to see the interconnectedness of everything. Our food choices impact the environment, health, and lives around the world. It’s a choice that reflects your consciousness and empathy for all living beings. I believe in the universe and this connection. My purpose is to contribute positively to the broken food system, leading to less suffering and happier, healthier lives for all.

Q: What is your vision for Wildermart in the coming years?

Shweta: Wildermart’s purpose is to transform the food system. In the business realm, I envision it becoming an Airbnb for health-forward markets—a platform connecting customers and suppliers, making healthy options accessible. However, my deeper vision is to reduce pain in the food system, bring happiness to people and animals, and promote healthier living. I want people to enjoy their ‘YOLO’ with a greater quality of life.

Q: Beyond entrepreneurship, what are some hidden facets of Shweta Thakur’s life?

Shweta: I love painting, performing arts, and creative pursuits. Given the chance, I’d indulge in these passions more. I’m also a keen listener and enjoy engaging in deep conversations. I tend to let others talk, but today, the roles are reversed.

Q: Finally, if you could share one key takeaway from your journey, what would it be?

Shweta: Believe in the universe, take chances, and embrace life’s journey. As long as nobody is dying in the process, what’s there to lose? YOLO should be about living happily, not just living.

Conclusion: The Journey of Shweta Thakur

The journey of Shweta Thakur is a testament to the power of belief, resilience, and purpose. Her path from corporate life to conscious entrepreneurship reflects her unwavering commitment to transforming the food system for the better. As she navigates this profound spiritual journey, Shweta’s vision for Wildermart extends beyond business success; it’s about reducing pain, spreading happiness, and promoting healthier living. Her life is a reminder that in the grand scheme of things, we have the power to make choices and make a positive impact on the world.

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