EP 4: Discovering Magic in Creative Art: Ayesha SasiKumar's Inspiring Journey of Healing

Ayesha's Inspiring Journey of Healing


Embark on Ayesha’s inspiring journey of healing, tracing her childhood steeped in creativity to a pivotal moment of reckoning that set her on the path to recovery. Gain insights into Aika, her organization, breaking down barriers and fostering self-discovery through art. Ayesha’s story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of creativity.

In a world where the stigma surrounding mental health often casts a long shadow, stories of resilience and recovery shine like beacons of hope. Ayesha Sasikumar’s inspiring  journey is one such tale—a testament to the transformative power of art and the strength of the human spirit. Here what she has to say when we invited her over to Asmee’s Podcast.

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about your background and upbringing?

Ayesha: Sure! I come from a family deeply rooted in the creative arts. Both my parents and my brother are creatively inclined, so growing up, it was a household that encouraged individuality and expression. We were never discouraged from being a bit unconventional.

Q2: When did you first realize that something was wrong with your mental health, and what were the symptoms you experienced?

Ayesha: The signs were there from my childhood, with quirks and idiosyncrasies that set me apart. However, it wasn’t until my college years that things took a more serious turn. I began experiencing episodes of dissociation, memory lapses, and moments of profound disorientation. It was disconcerting, to say the least.

Q3: Can you share the pivotal moment when you decided to confront your mental health challenges?

Ayesha: My life took a dramatic turn when I got married at 23. Two years into my marriage, I experienced a complete breakdown. It was a moment of reckoning, a breaking point that forced me to confront my mental health issues. Until then, neither I nor those around me recognized these symptoms as a legitimate mental health condition.

Q4: What challenges did you face in your journey to find the right diagnosis and treatment for your mental health condition?

Ayesha: Finding the right diagnosis and treatment was no easy feat. My functional facade had concealed my struggles, making it difficult for healthcare professionals to pinpoint the issue. Mental health stigma was also a significant barrier; many people didn’t understand the gravity of my condition.

Q5: How important was your support network or “first circle” during your healing process?

Ayesha: My first circle, comprising individuals I trusted implicitly—my mother, husband, close friends, and colleagues—played a pivotal role in my recovery. I kept them informed about my daily emotional state, providing a safety net during vulnerable moments. They were unwavering in their support.

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Q6: Could you share some insights into your healing process and how you managed to regain control over your life?

Ayesha: My healing journey was far from linear. The early years were marked by confusion and frustration. I grappled with my newfound vulnerability and often lashed out at my loved ones. However, my first circle remained steadfast. Today, I’m in control, and when triggers arise, I respond thoughtfully.

Q7: Can you tell us more about your organization, Aika, and how it leverages art to empower individuals?

Ayesha: Certainly! Aika’s mission is to enable individuals to express themselves through various art forms, breaking down barriers and providing a safe space for self-discovery and healing. We don’t just train; we empower. Art has incredible therapeutic potential, and we aim to harness it for personal growth.

Q8: How do you believe art can contribute to mental health and well-being, based on your personal experience?

Ayesha: Art serves as a channel for individuals to explore their emotions, express what words often fail to convey, and discover hidden facets of themselves. My personal journey reflects the therapeutic value of art, whether through theater, dance, music, or any other medium.

Q9: What message would you like to share with others facing mental health challenges?

Ayesha: My message is one of hope and resilience. It’s essential to raise awareness about mental health, educate yourself and your loved ones, and offer support to those in need. You’re not alone in your journey, and with the right support, self-awareness, and the healing power of art, you can emerge stronger from even the darkest of struggles.

Conclusion: Ayesha’s Inspiring Journey of Healing

Ayesha Sasikumar’s journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of art and resilience. Through Aika, she continues to touch lives and inspire others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and healing. Her story reminds us that with the right support and the healing potential of art, one can emerge stronger from even the darkest of struggles.

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Remember, seeking assistance is a sign of strength, and healing is possible. If you need more information or support, reach out to us at weft-foundation.com or asmee.co.in.